Friday, May 04, 2012


I've been proud of my radishes, raised at Silver Oak Farm.

I've been stoked with my Green Beans and Peas.

I've raved about my Square Foot Gardens, pleased to have a little slice of the world cooperate with me enough to grow some tasty fresh vittles.

Today, however, I've met my [garden] match.

Well, actually, I met my Garden Guru many weeks ago.

It was this day I realized the full potential of this Guru Guardianship I find myself under the tutelage of.


Wanna know why?

It's because of these babies:

Yes, these cucumbers, in this here half 55-gallon drum.

You see ~ these cukes are a mere two and a half weeks old.

From seed.

Mere fledgling babes.

Infants, I tell you.

Except they are maturing at an alarming rate.

I fainted when I heard the facts concerning their age.

Then I drooled.

Then I committed even further to the task before me.

That of learning absolutely everything this man has under his craw.

All of it.

No tidbit of information left unturned.


All mine.



I might share.

Here's the eggplant specimen he's shown me.

Go ahead.


I did.

And then, I pruned the tomatoes.

1 comment:

jani said...

WooHoo! Feed the earth, my friend!!
Incredible photos.

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