Thursday, March 15, 2012

Feeling Pea-vish -or- I Need To Go To Bed

The sun has been long gone; this week of daylight savings time has been chock full every. moment.  Thus, I pine for my bed and an extra hour or so of sleep.

But no rest for the weary.

The highlight of my day?  Finally discovering the snap peas are blooming.

This set of 24 plants are open pollinated, planted on January 1.

I kid you not.

I couldn't help myself, the weather was so beautiful that day.  I decided to experiment by about 14 days.

Thing is, this was a new variety to me, an heirloom, that was to follow the previous year's bumper crop of a hybrid variety.  That crop was what sold me on the snap pea, so fresh and delectable that very few actually made it to the dinner table.

As time continued to tick toward "days to harvest" the vines, though very, very strong, were not as tall as projected.  The blossoms?  Missing.

I began to inquire.  Message boards heard my plea ~ would I miss out on this crop?  What was wrong?  Why was it taking so long??

The reply?

"Be patient."

Ah.  That which must be employed.


I decided I had nothing to lose.

I left my vines to their own devices . . .

for ONE 24 hour period.

You know the old saying, right?  A watched pot never boils?

1 comment:

Missus Wookie said...

It's so unfair that you are that much further ahead - we're just about to plant our peas!

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