Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Shipping. Act Now!

To be greeted by a garden full of ripe, ready radishes is a glorious discovery!  Have you ever experienced it?

This was my find last night, upon which I gleefully began plucking them up out of their happy, snug homes.  Soon my hand was so full I had to set that batch down to begin a second.

French Breakfast Radishes . . .  Scarlet Globes . . .

Soil clinging to their roots, dust shaking free from leaves in my hand.

There was watering to do for the remaining; for the bok choy and lettuce.  The garlic and onions would have to wait until morning.

Returning home from Silver Oak, I strode over to the Square Foot boxes and scooped up a head of de Morges Braun and the extra ready Black Seeded Simpson.  Supper would be good!  :D

Rinsing, washing, tenderly cleaning . . .

Suddenly it hit me:

No other human hand had EVER touched these radishes.  


That single fact rocked my world for a moment.

I let the thought meander like a lazy river through my mind, through my logic, directly into my heart.

These radishes, my friends, are priceless.  Growing one's own food is priceless.

How did we get so far away from this primal fact?  From this necessity?  How did we forget what it is like to uproot that which we nurtured over a season?

I suppose there are many answers to those questions, but the fact remains:  a great gift it is to harvest the freshest, most delectable foods from our own little garden patch.  What's more?  From ground to hand, hand to mouth ~ free shipping, no charge.



Missus Wookie said...

Gorgeous photos and agree - growing your own is wonderful. Walking outside to pick some leaves for lunch, design dinner by what's ready...

Wookie loves Radishes, he's handed on that love to Ewok both have some in their lunch whenever possible. I'm itching to plant but it won't be until May as the shed which has my salad bed on top isn't rebuilt yet. :sigh:

Heidi said...

Soon. Soon it will be time to plant. I have arugula seeds that were harvested and saved by a 92-year-old gentleman. They will be planted first.

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