Monday, July 02, 2012

Rafters, Rhubarb, and Root Systems

I've been eating tomatoes.

I've been picking pole beans.

I've been planting [more] squash.

I've been administrating the days of our lives.

No wonder I've forgotten to take pictures of the process of the barn apartment under construction now . . . I've been too busy finding the dimensions on sinks, and rousing myself after having passed out due to the price of them!  lol

Well, since I discovered this faux paux of mine, I've set out to remedy it.

After I canned the tomatoes.  And the pole beans.  And picked the squash.

These photos were taken at dusky-dusk . . . in their un-edited form, one can see the moon wanting to peek over the roof and say 'hi!' ~ but I chose to leave Mr. Moon for another day, in order to bring life to a project that has long been discussed, but only now in process.

(I think my English teacher would have my hide over that run-on sentence!  lol)

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yes.  The photos.

Of the barn.

And the apartment.


As one.  :)

You know . . . perhaps the best view will be the view from the side door ~ because it's the one in which I'll be able to peek out and see my horses, poking their heads out at me:



Dawn said...

That last pic of the barn in the setting sun with DellDog is my favorite!!! I can't believe how much has been done since the weekend!

Missus Wookie said...

oh the canning looks so productive as does the rafters. My rhubarb is looking good - and I found my first baby green tomato :happy sigh:

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