Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 19

Things are getting earthy 'round here.

Need I say more?  Yesterday I received the first egg from my little brood of five hens and a rooster.  I was so excited!  This morning, another was laid, and they are both beautiful.  :)  I suspect the little red hen laid them both, as she was hiding from me the other day, in a secret nest while out free ranging.  Thankfully, she laid in the Bunk House, which made finding these treats so easy!  :)

In between egg gathers, I spent the last few days in prep and participation of a Lysa Terkhurst event.  It made for very little time in the kitchen, but great fun making new friends and connecting with old.  Today, when I arrived home, Gil asked me to go to Silver Oak with him.  Totally gun-ho, I had big intentions of doing this and that while there ~ only to hit a wall, where nothing but a nap was going to fix me!

So nap I did, but I woke up ravenous, and looking at a very large trombocino squash that had self-harvested when I attempted to fix the trellis it was growing on.  I had a pretty good idea that squash was going to be supper.  LOL

Of course, I had no idea what to do with it.

Quick was the most important feature for my supper, so I opted for a stir fry.  That's when it hit me - I could eat a stir fry of nothing but items harvested from my fall garden!  

Out came the green beans (yes, another harvest this week!) a baby bok choy that didn't really look big enough, but had enough stalks on it to make me think it was ready enough, AND half a cayenne pepper that I rescued from the rooster!

I set about steaming the squash and beans for a few minutes, since I didn't know how the squash was actually going to behave.

It peeled very easily with a vegetable peeler, and I was able to slice it into firm rounds, a very pretty color of green:

This particular squash grows long, like a trombone, but it can be harvested at any size.  Mine was long, but not as long as some I've seen in photos.  It houses seeds in the bulb section of the fruit, so a long seedless neck is available for the eating.

Olive Oil, diced onion, minced garlic, the cayenne pepper diced small, saute'd in the skillet, before I added the squash, the beans and the bok choy.  A little salt and pepper, and voila`!  Supper was ready!  :)

The trombocino was delicious, held it's texture well.  It reminded me of a cross between a turnip and a potato . . . but lest you think that sounds gross, I'm not talking about the flavor . . . it just had that kind of bite to it.  The flavor was light, and would pick up any flavor pairing well.  A basalmic reduction, perhaps?

The remaining squash I blanched and prepared for the freezer ~ a total of six cups of vegetable!  I'll use this for other stir fry's, or in soups . . . really versatile.  :)

With my tummy now full, I think I'll get a little shut eye.  Tomorrow, I might just bake a cake with the pineapple that I finally diced!  :)

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