Friday, March 25, 2011

Big Wheel Keep On Rolling . . .

One wouldn't think that a l'il ole driveway could cause one such fits . . .

I mean, it isn't too much to ask, is it???  A driveway?  Of our own?  To access our property for ourselves on our own thoroughfare?

Well . . . the driveway production continues . . . and as long as the weather holds out, we might just have our heart's desire before too long . . . I hope!  lol

Here are some pictures of the process thus far:

There is a slight downward slope that gives way into a branch, or a creek bed, which begins on our parcel at this point, opening up to a larger, swamp-y-er portion of the property, about two acres' worth by the time it's run it's course.  Can you say, "A River Runs Through It?"  lol

The moisture content of this area was such that a sturdy, built up drive was necessary, reaching down to a wide swath of 'flood prone' (using that term loosely) ground, where the creek overflows it's banks when there's a heavy rain.  Here's the eensy, weensy creek bed we're talkin' about here:

As you can see, not much to it.  But, the spring for this creek is about two miles upstream, and uphill, so in heavy downpour, this area becomes the first 'catch all' of the water.  It flows over it's bank by about six feet on one side, and perhaps thirty on the other.  We do not want to eviscerate the eco-system that thrives here, rather, to co-habitate with it, so we are taking measures to span the width of wetter ground in such a manner that it benefits both parties.  Our solution?


Also known as Rip Rap.

But I don't like that term, so I call it Rif Raf.

I can be choosy that way.  LOL

Well, we managed the first stretch of drive easily, and then, it rained solid for a week.  We were back to square one, waiting for enough drying to occur to get back in there with heavy machinery.  Boy was I excited when the first load of Rif-Raf, or, cement chunks recycled from the demolition of a foundation somewhere, was in place, to be bull-dozed down, creating the first layer of water-seepable-yet-sturdy-enough-to-uphold-a-vehicle!  :)

Progress, right?

Well . . . no.

It sat.

And sat.

Until I felt like the kids in the Cat in the Hat before the Cat arrived.  We'd check on progress day after day . .

Until finally, one day, the rif raf load #1 was in place!  WOOT!

More waiting ensued.  I'm not really sure why, even though lines of communication were open . . . until yesterday, when, lo and behold ~ load #2 of rif raf arrived!  WOOTY!

It was cause for celebration, I tell ya!  We danced a jig on the driveway as-is, and even had a wheel-throwing contest, just for fun!

Next step is to lay down the culverts, giving the creek full access to it's desired path, then more rif-raf on the other side to the 'higher' ground beyond.  Then, fill dirt, and limestone or it's equivalent, then . . . we're on!  :D

We are grateful for neighbor's nearby that have given us generous access, yet, it's time for us to move forward without relying on that generosity of others.  Having the drive in place opens up all kinds of windows for progress, the likes of which will bring the fullness of Silver Oak Farm to a completed state!  YAY!

So, while we appreciate Proud Mary, and her ever-turning water wheel . . . we'd really like to see the "big wheel(s)' of construction turn on down our little lane for some rollin' on the Oak Farm . . .  :D

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