Thursday, May 29, 2008

When In Hollywood . . .

An inevitable happenstance?

I do suppose.

After all, Israel did nothing short of rave about the joint once he returned home from his first trip.

That time, Gil was at the helm, and it was an all-guys outing.

Could I possibly be included? Israel would have to consider, and consider it well . . .

The verdict? "Have cash, Mom? Can go."

Sheesh. I recognize my value around here! LOL So, off to Johnny Rockets, the retro burger joint we went, with a happy skateboarding 13 year old buzzing around pedestrians on the busy sidewalk as though they were obstacle course pylons.

Upon arrival, L'il KellerMan was so excited about the opportunity to follow in his big brothers footsteps, he demanded equal footing! "Get the camera out, people! This is my big moment!!"

So, we took full advantage, and began snapping away. click! click! click!

I'm certain the onlookers wished they had brought their camera. It's not often one sees a bonafide star these days, ya know . . .

But, alas, Keller grew tired of the paparazzi glare ~ and soon retreated into self-preservation techniques of the highest order:

Ah. Who can blame him?

Kute is as Kute does.

Next time, he'll go incognito with a moustache.


Kim & Dave said...

SO cute!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like all is well is Cali!!

Beth said...

So glad Israel decided to share his Burger Joint with ya! Keller is Kute as always...

Joyce said...

Oh Keller!! You are too cute! :)

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