Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stop The Presses!!

I was all set to bring you the photographic evidence of our latest California adventure.

My only delimna was choosing which photo of the seventy five photos I took would most precisely depict the said such adventure for my readers.

All of that has gone by the wayside.

Every last durn pic has been trumped.

By a thirteen year old boy.

I doubt very highly that you'll be perturbed, though.

As a matter of fact, I think you'll be downright amazed!

It all hearkens back to Israel's innate draw to the local, FREE, skatepark. We still haven't gone. In part, because he still owns a scooter, not a skateboard.

Well, evidently the kid has been praying. Or the Lord intercepted my forward motion (not yet willing to invest in a brand new skateboard) by producing a skateboard for my ever-lovin' skateboarding son.

Yes. Out of thin air.

Seems the lad was returning from a local mountain-climb when, what's that he spies in the ditch?? None other than a tattered, worn out, discarded skateboard, still intact, still functioning.


So, he snags it.

And now, he's back in business. As you can see, it goes with us just about everywhere:

Anyway, as I was saying, I had a series of pictures to delight you all qued up and ready to go. Then, SkaterBoy trumps the whole deal.

Late last night, I saw him on the computer, intent on the screen, and asking me ~ "Mom, where are those May photos?" and in a sing-song-y way, "I'm a ghost, I'm ghost . . ." It was then I realized he'd just uploaded something . . .the likes of which I knew not . . .and I became worried. I've spoken to him time and time again about making movies and filling up my harddrive willy-nilly.

I popped up from my seat, and dashed over to the screen.

My mouth gaped open, because the first image my eyes landed on was this:

A ghostly image indeed! How'd he DO that?

The lad had taken, oh, I'd say about 150 photos of his fancy footwork under the glaring city light on the concrete cityscape.

He must've set the shutter to insta-shoot ~ because ~ even though it wasn't a movie, I had every. scene. as though it were parsed.

Every last one of the images in an eerie state of Invisible Man.

Well, they are certainly not the work of Angela Giles Klocke, as she captures her own SkaterBoy in action, but they'll do.

After all . . . This particular SkaterBoy is mine. Somehow, it warms the heart in a different sort of way.

But maybe she already knew that.

And maybe ~ just maybe ~ so do you.


IsAMom said...

I'm in awe at the creativity of you and your kids. Very cool pictures. Worthy of a frame for said son's pad. You are such an awesome mom to lead and let your kids explore who they are with their likes and dislikes.

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Of course! And I think these are AWESOME!

Beth said...

SkaterBoy did a great job! What a cool mom you are...unlike the Smother Mother that I seem to be!

Joyce said...

Wow! Again... he takes great shots!!

Super on the answered prayer!!!

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