Thursday, May 08, 2008

Preppin' For The Paparazzi

Once again, Israel found himself in front of the Hollywood sign ~ this time not so up-close-and-personal ~ but in front of it nonetheless. It was an impromptu drive by, caused by the "June Gloom". The low layer of cloud cover that had not yet burned off, prohibiting an immediate photography session. Cruising this infamous section of town sent Aubrey into dream land, as folks walked their dogs, hidden behind sweat suits, yoga gear and big sunglasses. I'm fairly certain that we saw nor encountered nary a movie star, but play the part one must, in a town such as this.

Aubrey didn't quiet get it. Not willing to be photographed behind her big shaded lenses, looking as though she'd just rolled out of bed, or finished her cardio at the gym, instead of playing chicken with the traffic as Israel and I had, she sat in the car, applying a layer of mascara.

???? What? Yep. Glamour Girl had no plans to be the next victim of a hit and run. *sigh*

So, we moved on.

The photo session swelled to a number of hours, again influenced by the June Gloom, and, before long, Aubrey was unleashed, walking the streets of Tinsel Town alone. (Well, around the block, anyway. And only after she and her Dad had manuevered it once before. For chinese food and a sandwich. What a combo.)

When all was said and done, Keller carefully secured in his new all-terrain vehicle (which he cared not for, hiking up the bumpy mountain trails, but had no qualms with, once upon paved streets - egads!), donned his newly purchased spectacles designed not only for shading the sun from ones eyes, but also for hiding ones face from the relentless paprazzi.

As you can see, in some weird fashion, Aubrey and Keller are most certainly siblings. Shades? Who needs 'em?

Well, maybe he's not quite ready for prime time. Or he doesn't fully understand the situation. Or, he really does want the paparazzi chasing him down. After all, reports are in that he is the cutest kid this side of the San Andreas.



Beth said...

We are loving the adventures!

I'm sorry Keller didn't enjoy the adventure in the "Adventure Mobile" though. He should get used to it quickly as I am sure you have lots of adventures as you familiarize yourselves with your new surroundings.

Joyce said...

So Keller needs to hide too? Wowsers Girl!! :)

Maybe you'll have to shop for other shades more akin to their tastes! ;)

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