Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back On An Even Keel

and very glad for it! My boys are safe and snug at home, almost rested, and full of adventure stories. And a slew of unrevealed photos, too! Here's a new picture, and an anecdote for your Sunday pleasure:

my phone rings.

Gil is somewhat out of breath. He says: "Newsflash, Babie!"

I say, "Really?"

He says "Yep. Israel and I drove out to the Hollywood sign. It's mountainous, and it has a footpath. Steep. Not like the 'mountains' in Arkansas - it's a hike. Israel ran on ahead of me. Um . . .I can't find him."

I chuckle. He's kidding, right? Nope.

"Babie, there's more. There is this water-tower thing-y. It has a huge fench and a bunch of no-trespassing signs around it. I walk around it, but I don't go over the fence. I'm trying to reach Israel on the cell phone, when I hear this:

'sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhsekl;rlsjfeal - STEP AWAY FROM THE WATERTOWER sjdkfsasleirhawlhnekarj STEP AWAY FROM THE TOWER jdskfljadkflaksjl'

I look down, and there is a ROBOT telling me to get away from the tower in broken Spanish. (A satellite security cam has seen me). Babie! I almost got arrested by a Mexican Robot!"

****Meanwhile, I'm wondering where on earth my son is.*********

"Babie! I have cell phone reception on the top of the knolls. If I can't see the Hollywood sign, I can't call Israel. Can't find him. So, I finally reach him by phone, only to have him tell me, 'Dad! I'm looking at the BACK of the H!!'


Great. My son is looking at the back of the H on the Hollywood sign.*sigh*

Well, post said such adventure, I discover that Israel had scrambled up the mountain without his camera. I am SO disappointed! Gil, however, did capture a couple of posed shots before the whole debacle began . . .So, for your Sunday viewing pleasure:


Beth said...

I can't wait to hear the tales of the adventures shared by your Gil Guy & Israel! Such tales must be told, ya know!

Karen/flutter2you said...

Awesome!! - And I can just imagine getting "caught" by a Robot! Way to go, Gil! LOLOL
How is Aubrey feeling about Israel's adventurous life? Hugs to her - and all of you!

Joyce said...

What great shots! My dad was so good at photos of us holding the end of a rainbow & such. Never had a picture with the Hollywood sign. ;)

Hi Israel & Aubrey! I miss your fun!!

Hugs for all!

Temmy said...

I want to hear a recording of his imitation of this robot. Just reading it is a hoot in and of itself, but hearing it would be even better, methinks. :)

That is certainly something neither of them will ever forget! LOL

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