Friday, March 14, 2008

Do You See This Boy?

The Lord had announced his arrival to my husband during the cross country drive to our new home a little over 13 years ago, months before I conceived.
This boy is the answer to my prayers for a son.
This boy has been nothing short of a constant source of joy to me.
This boy has captured my heart, and stolen it time and time again with his michievous antics.
And now, this boy is poised to lead the way into unchartered territory in an industry that can be as kind as it can be brutal.
That the purposes of the Lord be fulfilled is our primary prayer. That we be vessels of honor in His hand shall not cease to be our request.
As this boys' late father used to say in his New England accent repeatedly:
Hold on to the riggin' Nellie! We're headed for the rhubarb!
-The Three Stooges

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Kim & Dave said...

Praying for your precious boy!

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