Monday, March 17, 2008

I Wasn't The Only One

The DellDog was promoted to a new position while the men of the house were gone. Suddenly discovering that he was the alpha male in the home brought him a certain sense of pride and importance. He dutifully trotted by my side from room to room; carefully watched over the K Boyz as they played contentedly on the floor ~ and, he barked ferociously whenever a jogger moseyed down the street, just in case that jogger had any ill-intent beneath that facade!

The REAL moment of the DellDog's protective stance came late one night. Approaching midnight, all was quiet in the house, except for the clacking, clacking of computer keys while I sat, commenting on blogs, and perusing cyberspace.

We both heard it at the same time.

Someone opened the screen door. Dell barked, slicing the silence. I poised, with a bit of adreneline pumping through my body, for the inevitable knock that would surely follow. Who could it be at this time of night?


The screen door squeaked again, and Dell heightened his protective stance. Another round of menacing barks rose through his already low-growling throat, and I gulped. He was serious.

There is a moment when the fight or flee response holds one captive, unable to move. I was there. My mind raced ~ and I began problem solving in real time.

Thank goodness for that frozen response! It was then that a huge gust of wind slammed against the side of the house, sending the screen door in its' wildest screach yet, and my frozen state of semi-fear flooded over the banks of the unknown into a sigh of relief. There was a storm moving in.

Dell would protect me. ")

For several hours, the windstorm creaked and ployed the screen, and Dell stood guard, ready to take down anyone or anything that dared to jeapordize the safety of his pack. After all, he WAS the alpha male in charge: "Reporting for duty, sir!"

Dell's demotion was evidenced the night the boys arrived home. He circled in joyous peals of excitement when he saw Israel, and melted into a puddle of submission as Gil scratched his tummy. The next morning, he was beside himself as the recent world traveller finally arose from his slumber, to greet the fam.

I sure did miss my boy.

But I wasn't the only one. ")


D said...

oh, wait...jealousy is rearing it's ugly head...

dell ?? could you really have found someone else so quickly?

...mmm...or maybe I was the invader for a time?

ha! lol yeah, I'm missing all of you precious peeps! ;-)

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