Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Three . . .Sons??

So, I'm only on my second cup of coffee this morning. This is the sight I see when I return to the living room to continue my awakening.
Is this REALLY what I've created? Two boys, and a . . .a . . .FURBABY?!
*sigh* It's true.
Dell has taken his affection and turned it to Israel since Keller arrived. Of course, if I even hint that I'll be sitting without any additional appendages, he's "johnny-on-the-lap." I'm still his true love, even though from a distance.
This furbaby will look longingly at me, or follow me about the house, hoping for the moment when he is once again the sole source of my attention.
I suppose it's impossible to communicate to him my unending love and affection to him in any other way than to stop what I'm doing and dote on him.
Yes, it does appear that I've got three sons.


Dawn said...

They look completely content! Enjoy!

Dawn said...

I just noticed the above commenter is named Dawn also! I'm a different Dawn. Your "boys" are all very cute.

Kim & Dave said...

Very cute, Angi!

Angela Klocke said...

Awww...what a sweet shot!

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