Sunday, January 06, 2008

I KNOW You Didn't Get Enough.

Therefore, as a Sunday respite, I'll satisfy your need for cute-ness and baby chub. Of which, we have here at Choice Central in abundance.

Exhibit A, please:

Ah. A photographer's dream ~ that soft sunlight streaming in the window, basking all in a bright warm glow.

As you can see, Keeton approves! :) (Or maybe he's practicing his paparrzzi smile-style. If that's the case, he'll stop 'em dead in thier tracks.)

Just look at this dynamic duo! The Brains and the Brawn. The Moose and the Mouse. "The toy . . .the toy . . .THE TOY!!" thinks Keeton. "HAND IT OVER!!"

"EGADS! What's THIS??? WHO is THAT?!?!? and WHAT is she DOING?? YIKES! It's the GRAM KISS coming in for a landing . . .HELP! help!! help!!!"

"Oh, somebody save me . . .please!" said Keeton weakly.


Kim & Dave said...

The photos & the subjects are STUNNING!

Joyce said...

Well, Keeton may be wanting "saved" from the Grandma kiss but it seems to me that Keller wonders where his kiss is!

Darling! So very precious!

Kris said...
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