Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Official!! I DID IT!! (or) LA Is One Big Commercial

I had to take the plunge at some point. Behind the wheel, downtown LA. The inevitable. Therefore, I did!

In keeping with all things LA, Aubrey and I were stylishly primped with our sunshades; hers, of course, being much more trendy than mine. [Thanks to the gals at the recent Big Fat Meetup! You know who you are.]

Those shades did nothing to stop the ebb and flow of city life. Indeed, the transition from 'burbs to inner city freeway was nothing short of what was expected. See photo note below:

Traverse it well I did, however, succeeding in making myself a city girl after all! The drive? Eh. No big deal. [shrugging my shoulders, with confidence, as though I've done it all my life . . .] Of course, it was a trial run, and no time constraints were in place. Hmmm. Me thinks I'd best be glad for the easy intro, and pray the Lord's hand upon me when reality hits! LOLOL

After driving to main destinations, we then decided to do a little tourist-y activity in the heart of Tinsel Town. I glided into a parking spot, locked the car door, and fed the meter like a pro.

Just before we parked, Aubrey piped up excitedly ~ there, front and center, stood the Thrillicious Lizard. Her life was [dramatically] forever altered.

Must. Get. Photo!

Me first!!

Ok, Aubrey . . .you can get your picture taken with him now.

What a pic it is! Beautiful she is, with the cityscape as her backdrop.

We're off! Headed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The buzz of the surroundings energizing us. Cars, construction, cafe`s, cuties and crazies . . .they all lay before us like a puzzle to be discovered.

And, per our usual method, we stuck Keller in the MayaWrap, snug and comfy for the walk. With his shades, of course!

Gee. What is that structure in the background? What possible landmark could it be??

Ah. None other than. Captitol Records.

If only I could get a sound recording and a contract for my experiences here.

Boom Mike, anyone??



dawn said...

Sorry for the scare earlier this morning, Ahhem, I think there's more than one professional driver in the family!

Temmy said...

Oh my! I think I would have had to have SEVERAL trial runs. :)

marygrace :-) said...

I am LOVING keeping up with your adventures. You only get one chance to grab on to what the Lord has given you in this life ... and you all are enjoying it to the fullest. How well your lives speak of your Father's heart! :-)

D said...

speaking of boom, let's get our appointment, shall we? Maybe Israel's high-fa-lutin' manager can pull a few strings for us? ha lol ;-)

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