Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's Recap, Shall We?

As I peruse the photo file of yet untapped pictures to share, a phenomena becomes perculiarly clear: we're Posers. Not the Cheesy-Smile-Hurry-Up-And-Take-The-Picture kind, but those who Strike-A-Pose-Catch-Something-Fabulous-Dahling kinda Posers.

It would seem everyone gets into the act at our house! Here's a sampling of what I mean. Judge for yourself!

Aubrey's Schtick:

Huntington Beach Hottie

Happie Hommies

Redneck Goes To Hollywood: "Whuyet?"

Stars In Her Eyes

Then there's my schtick, an ecclectic mix between crazy physical comedy and model material, all rolled up into one convienient package:

Simply Lovely, Dahling
Utilizing Backdrops At Hand, Mommy and Son Session # 947

Even Keller gets into the act:

Man, If I Could Only Swim . . .

Of Course I"m Cute!

Incredibly Happie Baby

But there is one of us, currently the reason for our course of action, that seems to take the camera in stride. After a four hour photog session, and numerous family poses, a nonchalant approach is his tactic. He's so cool, he doesn't need shades. He just needs forty winks!

Ah. A wonderful week in the neighborhood. Won't you be our neighbor?

A warning, though: Be prepared to be photographed.



Joyce said...

Oh my!! What great pictures!

Keller has grown so much since March. Still so darling and cute. :)

You are so funny & creative!

D said...

is that an outside communal bathtub? Wwhhaatt??

Beth said...

Too cute! I love the photo of Aubrey & Keller. And Israel! What a sweet sleeper he is. He must be wore out after a long day working!

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