Friday, May 30, 2008

So Much For The Romance Of It All ~

In my mind, I had pictured the scene in 3-D . . .

Crashing waves, sand beneath my feet, the sunset, the cool ocean breeze fresh against my face.

Most likely, I was inspired by Israel's serene countenance some months prior:

So as we drove down Wilshire Boulevard, my inner surferdude was awakened, as, due to the palm-tree lined streets, I suspected an ocean very, very nearby! Fully willing to take the respite at Johnny Rockets, I knew that soon my toes would be connecting with the sands of the sea . . .and I was happy.

Down, down the concrete path we walked [er, well, I walked. Keller strolled. Israel skateboarded]. Closer and closer we came to the smell of salt water. The breeze increased.

Pushing the pedestrian button at the crosswalk heralded nothing less than an increase of excitement within me. I could see the water! I just *knew* I was going to enjoy this evenings stroll at the seaside!

Israel made it to the stairwell first.

From this new perspective, I was a bit suprised to find a row of homes beneath our once-only-water-view. But no matter! Ready? Here we go! Israel again took the lead, skateboard in hand:

"Ummm . . .Mom? Ummm . . .come here!"

"Yes? What is it, son?" I queried.

And setting foot on the landing next to my boy, I looked out to this scene before me. A half-constructed walkway, complete with a crane for my viewing pleasure. Hmmmm.

And then, I looked down.

Oh. The staircase continues, I see . . .

To yet another FREEWAY!?!?!?!



So much for the sand and surf.

Dude. That was like, such a bummer. Like, if we coulda walked the catwalk, like, we woulda, dude. But, dude. Another day, maybe,huh?


Dawn said...

What a disappointment! Where there's a will there's a way. You'll find another way to the beach. Where's Aubrey?

Oh Joy! said...

LOL!! That's funny!! I did enjoy a good laugh!!! Sounds like a mirage in the dessert!! :)

Where's the other beautiful kid of yours??

Beth said...

I'm sorry you were disappointed and only got a view of the water! It looks like a nice walk though!

Joyce said...


puts it mildly!!

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