Saturday, May 31, 2008


It was Frank's influence.

As I sat on the couch in his 'waiting room' of sorts, while he and Israel did their photoshoot thing, I browsed through portfolio after portfolio of his work.
He's none short of artistic in the ability to capture internal glimpses of a soul. The prints that sent me over the top, however, were the captures of the canine persuasion. Dastardly difficult to capture on film most of the time, Frank had somehow gotten into their inner being, and, bringing it forth, produced compelling images of the most amazing kind.
My mind has tossed creating the opportunity for Frank to capture the DellDog on film ~ and who knows, but that I just might ~ listening to Frank discuss this dog shoot; the other dog shoot; it just gets into your being, the knowledge that these pets of ours have definite personalities.
So, as I was saying, I'm pretty certain it was Frank's influence.
You see, I awoke the other morning, at first oblivious - then, keenly aware of the sunlight glancing off the wall: a perfect ambient light with which to snap a few pictures!
I hopped out of bed, and got right to work! Here is the fruit of one session:

I don't wish to influence your taste by adding my comments today, since, SUPRISE! yet another voting opportunity that leads to a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, my photographic prowess leads to your happie walk to the mailbox, just in the nick of time: the first of the month when most of those bills arrive! Two winners this week: a print of your favorite snapshot and a mystery happie from moi! Simply vote for your fave, #1 through #7 in the comments section. All entries will be put into a random drawing.

Well, I'm no Frank, but I rest assured that if he were here today, he'd give me a nod of "You're on the right track". Well, maybe he would. He might say, "Lady, you're crazy. Please spare your dog." Nah. He wouldn't say that. No self-respecting Belgian would say that. ")

At the very least, one could call me a Poser. A Frank wannabe. And Dell? A Canine Poser indeed.

Crazy Mutt. Get a Life.

Until tomorrow, Choosers. I'm off to discover my world today!


Charlotte in MN said...

Definitely 4. Very cute.

All Because of You said...

It was a very hard decision between #4 & #5... but I'm gonna go with #5! What a cutie!

Nice photos, Angi, I think Frank would be proud!!! :)

Have a great day!


Wendy said...

I like them all but #3 is very cute.

He seems to be saying, "Yeah, I'm people and I am sitting on this people stool. So what of it." :-)

We love Dell dog's pictures here. Often is heard an ahhhh when Carson and I see his handsome pictures.


Karen/flutter2you said...

Well, I choose #5 -

And have to ask - what is Gil doing while all of you are having a grand time in CA??

Answer please, we're sure we're not the only ones who wonder!!!

Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

#3 No doubt!

Great shots of the Dell Dog!!

D said...

#3 The one on the stool. He looks like he's doing an interview. :-)

Beth said...

We love #3 and #6! They both show Dell's "person"-ality very well!

Joyce said...

I like #5 the best. But can I vote #7 just for laughs? :D

I think you are doing FABO work with the camera!!!

dawn said...

Mia likes #7 and Mommy likes #6.

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