Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sad Boy. Smart Boy. Popeye The Sailor Man.

Instinctively I was drawn to one particular photographer out of a short list of potentials prior to arriving in California. Gil, willing to follow my lead on this task, contacted him, and soon, we were wisked into his studio environment.

I knew immediately we had made the right choice.

When we returned for Session 2, we had a task list. Present for character roles, i.e. pitiful boy who has just lost his dog; preppy smart kid cheesing for president of the student council; back street boy, tough and tumble, and the like.

I couldn't be more pleased! Would you like to see?

Choosers! Take your stations! Prepare your keyboards! It's time to vote for your favorite in the comments section! Then, tomorrow, the announcing of the Top Pick for each category ~ and . . .a blog giveaway!

Here are the categorical choices:

1. Regular kid:

2. Sad Boy:

3. Smart Boy:

While Keller and I waited patiently, watching all the proceedings quietly in the background, the photographer took an interest in L'il Man. A few quick shots produced a capture of this little guy to a T! So, for fun, vote your favorite here:

4. L'il Man:

Doesn't your heart just melt? Or is it just me?

Nah. I saw that . . .your heart just melted like a schoolgirl! I know it ~ don't deny it!


A recap: Vote for one picture (1, 2, or 3, respectively) in each category (Reg, Sad, Smart and Lil Man) in the comments section.


Look again.


Love Life.

Live Vicariously.

It's ok. I give you permission!


Miss Kris said...

Ok..the instructions all come up in arabic these days but here goes...

1...pic 1 & 3 ...sorry like them both
2...pic 1
3...pic 1

and Keller..pic 3..the lil rascal.

mrsborch said...

Regular Kid...#1 for sure!

Sad Kid...#1 (but he is just too cute to be sad:)

Smart Boy...#1 (but #2 would be great for running for office)

L'il Man...I like #1, but #2 could sell me anything, whether I need it or not!

Lovely boys, are they available for arranged marriages in about 15 years?

Nancy said...


It's all about the eyes! Oh, those eyes!

Nancy & Elizabeth

Astarias said...

I like 3, 1, and 1 for your big boy, and for the little guy I love 1 and am crazy about 3. I don't know which is better.

And I want your photographer!

Anonymous said...

Reg : #3
Sad : #2
Smart : #1
Lil Man : #1

They are all adorable.

This is InFaith

DancingQueen said...


But my heart was not in it. They are ALL wonderful. How could I eliminate any of them?

Pam said...

First of all....what handsome young men you have!!

Okay, for the vote:

Regular kid - #1
Sad kid - #2
Smart kid - #2 (#1 looks like he could be a politician tho!) ;)

And Keller - #1, but it was a hard decision!

And for the heart DID melt!

Pam (Momto3Knights @ SL)

Beth said...

Regular kid - #1
Sad kid - #2
Smart kid - #2 (#1 looks like he could be a politician tho!) ;)

And Keller - #2, But I REALLY like !3 also!

What handsome boys you have!

Anonymous said...

Regular kid: 3 for sure!

Sad Boy: 1

Smart Boy: 1

L'il Man: ALL (how can you chose?!)

Anonymous said...

Reg Kid #3
Sad boy #1
Smart boy #1
Lil Man #2

Handsome guys you have there.

All Because of You said...

GREAT photos of your boys, Angi!

My favs are:

Reg - #3
Sad - #1
Smart - #1

Keller - #1

It was really hard to choose... they are amazing pics. And, yes, your little Keller did melt my heart :)

Thanks for sharing,


Linda said...

Have to go with #3,1,1 and #1 for the little guy that could be set up with my little one in about 18 years. ;)

Leslie said...

1, 3, 2, 1 -- you've got some cute boys there!

Wendy said...

Regular Boy - #1 mischievous, in a good way of course.

Sad Boy - #1 pensive

Smart Boy - #1 Smarter than the average bear and he knows it!

Lil Man - #1 I just love the smile and is that a little tooth erupting I see there?

Apparently I think your boys are #1!

Joyce said...

3, 3, 1, 1

How fun!!

IsAMom said...

How fun to have such awesome pictures of your boys!

Here's my vote...
3, 1, 1, and 1

Thanks for including us.
Annette in MN

-TiFfaNy JaNaE- said...

MOM thE PicTures aRe sOOO awesoME .. i Love TheM! canT waiT tiL aubRey gIRl geTS soMe oF hEr BeauTImiS seLF :)

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