Friday, May 23, 2008

Holy Miniature Schnauzer, Batman!

There are dreams, and then ~ there are dreams.

The ones that you wake up from, shaking your head, wondering, "What on earth was that all about?" and "Where on earth did those images come from?"

Such was the wee morning hours in my Southern California dreaming.

The subject matter?

None other than.

Quite rotund and playful, the images of the Miniature Schnauzer, about five months old, romping in gaiety with the DellDog cajoled my dream-self to get down on the floor with 'em. The imagery was so real, I could literally feel the softness of that puppy fur upon awakening.

What does it mean?

I need another puppy?

The DellDog is lonely?

I miss Gil?

I really want a cat?

The oven was left on overnight??

I mean honestly . . .who can make sense of those scenes that surface from one's subconcious mind?

Alas. I awoke, and no plump pup greeted me with a hot wet tounge upon my cheek. No faux tough-guy growl emitted from a ball of fur, seeking a game of tug-of-war.

Dell, however, was sleeping peacefully beside me. When he surfaced from his sleep-state due to my rousing, he happily looked at me, promptly requesting his morning walk to the potty spot.

I ruffled the fur on top of his head, and gave him a chirpie good morning - in love with him; yet wistfully longing for that LittlePup nuzzle that had just been so near.


~ D ~ said...

who is this pup, chica? not dell at that young age, is it? (ok, I'm squealing with mucho grande delight that you may be getting another schnauzer friend!)'s all in the family, love!

dawn said...

And Gil's response to the newly arriving pup?!?!?!?

Andrea said...

Welp - I DO have TWO mini-schnauzer pups.

PHEW! W-O-R-K I tell ya!!!

Puppy School
Crate & Potty Training
Barking issues
Jumping issues

Puppyhood is HARDER than a newborn my sweet friend...

but..then again...if you are like me (and we are QUITE similar IMHO) you KNOW all of this and still don't care!

I knew all of this too...and I have TWO mini-schnauzers. hehe

(IOW: go for it.)


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