Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Art Of Waiting

Given the complex landscape of the entertainment industry, our little brood has had opportunity to further strengthen our waiting skills.

I was of the opinion that for the most part, I have instilled within my children the ability to wait patiently for lengths of time in a positive manner, without meltdown.

. . .And then, we moved to LA.

Oh, I suppose we aren't really waiting for great lengths beyond what we were accustomed to waiting before, it just feels different, since the parameters have changed, and since our sphere of activities have been narrowed down to just a couple of channels.

[Ha! As I type that, I realize that statement is particularly humorus! Couple of channels! Television! Entertainment industry! LOL ~ boy, I'm good . . .and that's even BEFORE my first cup of coffee has been properly swilled! LOLOL Egads! Where are my Scriptures on pride? Must. maintain. humility!!! LOLOL

Quick~ somebody note my great sense of wit for me, so that I'm not patting myself on the back. Then, I can enjoy the wit fully, sans the puffalump syndrome. (I must be spending waaaayyyyy too much time alone, and not enough mixing with people, if I'm having to edify mine own self.) Wait. Now I'm on a completely different thought process. Where was I? Oh yeah. Waiting. Egads! Sorry, folks! LOL]



We've discovered different types of waiting here.

Waiting for the audition call.
Waiting for the audition time.
Waiting for the photographer.
Waiting for the headshots.
Waiting for the printer.
Waiting on the freeway.
Waiting curbside because we've arrived too early, because we were unfamiliar with the traffic patterns on said such freeway.
Waiting in line at the audition.
Waiting post audition for the call-back.
Waiting for the next plausible window of time to make phone calls outside the timezone.

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .

The key to waiting is the ability to wait with patience. To entertain oneself in such a manner that the down time is enjoyable, pleasant, and not focused on the minute hand [or red neon digit] of the clock.

To demonstrate this very important skill, my boys (did I mention I have TWO?!?!) will now give their presentation on how to wait well:

There you have it, Choosers. All one needs to wait well is a receipt, a mouth, and a 7.5 month old curiosity.

Easy enough to obtain, right?

Well, it's working for us, in this much overrated cityscape.

Now, if I can only muster the patience to wait, as very soon, we'll have visitors! I'm about to come out of my skin!! Can you guess who's coming to see us?

Dell will be happy.

Not to mention the rest of us!


dawn said...

You're so cute! I'm very glad you are getting all of this company soon. Have you really been gone 3 weeks? Well, that means it as almost to the half way point.

gilSilvers said...

Cool series of photos. Um. Were you able to salvage the receipt? We'll need it come tax time.

Beth said...

Too fun! Your BOYS wait rather well I'd say.
Keller is 7 1/2 months already?! WOW, I think the last time we saw him he was only 4 1/2 months old! He is getting so big!
I'm glad you are going to have company! They will help you pass the time.

Kim & Dave said...

Love this post of pics!!

-TiFfaNy JaNaE- said...

hMMMm i woNDer whO is ComING? I HeRD TheSe tWO PrETty gIRls and a CUTe liTtle baBY oF sOMe GeNErations.. i duNNo i ThiNk iTs keLLErs fRiend! :)

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