Thursday, March 08, 2007

When Shopping Becomes A Family Affair

It was the only way I could conceive the energy to do it.

Aubrey had cash to burn, and a spending plan for a shopping spree that included the need for Mom to furnish the taxi ride to the mall.

How on earth could I endure it, after a full day already?

Only one answer.

Schlep 'em all to the mall!

My cleverly devised plan worked like a charm! See for yourself:

Bethany has both fashion sense and a keen eye for quality. She made mincemeat of rack after rack of this season's best-kept secrets.

Convincing Aubrey of her prowess was another story, however . . .

It took the able-bodied skill set of the Queen of Bridal Boutiques Tiffany to get the job done! Yet all this girlie stuff never did impress the Boy much. It was all he could do just to endure it!

(Gee. I know how you feel, kid!) :)


Sunshyne said...

Oh, I love this, Angi! What a great glimpse of family life and sisterhood. :)

Jordan is seriously missing Israel. We'll have to come kidnap him soon. You won't mind, will you? :P

Jodi said...

Aaww the joy of the Mall...NOT!! I am with Israel on this..."Get me outa here!"

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