Monday, March 12, 2007

Always Say I Love You . . .

I had been intentioned on leaving a sticky note, letting everyone know that I'd be out of town for a few days.

I have a fresh batch of photos to share from our weekend extravaganza with the Sons Of The American Revolution.

Nothing prepared me, however, for the news that awaited my arrival home. A reminder, fresh again, to always let those you care about know that you do indeed care.

Meet the Hermanots: Bill and Kim:

Bill and Kim are friends of mine from my New Hampshire days. Bill is simply brilliant, and Kim a fresh, tender heart that draws you into friendship. Together, Bill and Kim have seven children, and a baby (now overdue!) on the way.

The last time I saw Kim was at Karen's place, just after my husband Larry had passed away. The irony dares to mock me as I pen this blog. You see, Bill suddenly passed away this weekend.

No warning.

Just gone.

A Mom and a family now on thier own. [See website: NineAlone]

I am stunned, and ever reminded to always say "I Love You".

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