Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time: Marked In Jury-assic Proportions

Just who was it that decided to call L'il Ole Me in for jury duty mere hours from the official time change?

Don't they KNOW that my Night-Owl Tenedencies r e a l l y struggle this time every year?

And, am I lacking patriotic zeal, as I request to be dismissed from jury duty, mere hours from my attendance at the ever patriotic Sons of the American Revolution State Convention???


Another day. Another moral delimna.

But, since I've successfully been dismissed ~

let's look at PICTURES!!! :)

Here's my GilGuy giving the State Eagle Scout Award . . .the center of attention, not his favorite locale! :)

And here he is, having recceived a Citizenship Award, for rallying the Gulf Coast chpater after Hurricane Katrina.

And here, being sworn in as the new years' Chapter President. (Get a load of those Revolutionary War Hero digs . . .Wow!)

Meet "Meriweather Lewis" of Lewis and Clark fame . . .this gentleman actually travelled the Lewis and Clark Trail for the 200th anniversary, with Clark's Great, Great, Great Grandson.

And finally, a bear claw attached to a rug from the expedition, part of the Lewis and Clark display.


Nope. I'd say I'm Red, White, and Blue, through and through.

God Bless America! :)

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