Thursday, December 07, 2006

Genetic Disposition . . .

I had a conversation with a friend today about the genetic appearance of my children. Kind of a Who's Who in genetic makeup for our family.

You know the drill: "Tiffany looks just like you!" or "You're Daddy can't deny you!"

I guess I shouldn't have been suprised when I ran across these pictures tonight. Gil, the assigned Captain of our family ship, as it were. Steady and surefooted he takes the helm, assuredly marking his stride in the wheel book of Life.

Dad in every sense of the word.
No doubt about that.

But what about those features? Where did they come from?

A blast from the past, a peek into the gene pool:

To your left: Larry approximately 8th grade
Below: Jeremy, older brother, approx. 12 years old.
Small collage, Daddy Larry, various, 1993-1998

Saddened by the loss, made glad by the gain the Lord gave.

In memory, Lawrence Clayton Adams. b. June 4, 1957 - d. March 4, 1999


Angie said...

they are so beautiful..what a task to raise them without him. I can't even imagne.

Sunshyne said...

Indeed they are beautiful, and so very blessed to have such a great guy like Gil love them as his own. :) Israel looks just like his Uncle Jeremy! I enjoyed our conversation yesterday, even as it was mutually ended over some peanut butter sandwiches :P That peanut butter does stuff to us, I tell ya (and I didn't even EAT it.)

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