Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Spin on Self-Portrait Tuesday (or is this wednesday?)

I've killed a contact.

Not viciously, or anything . . .it simply . . .well,


I do not have a replacement, even though I've a full shelf of 'tacts for my other eye.


What is it about my ONE eye that is so high-maintenance?!?

My quality of life is somehow compromised.

Like when I walk in the crisp breeze, I'm very aware of my nose.

With my contacts in, the cold air just hits my face, and I think nothing of it.

My glasses, on the other hand, form some type of 'Deflecto Heat Shield' I guess. The air seems to be MUCH colder than it is, and instead of chilling my cheeks, the metal frame transfers the deflected fridgid air to my nose.

This is one for the record books: definitely WIERD.

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