Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Restless Christmas Natives . . .

It really was inevitable ~ the impulse to head out to the nearest shopping center and navigate the holiday crowds in an effort to locate the perfect gift for that someone special. Never mind that the destination was the nearest dollar store, nor that the recepients were in part responsible for the funding of the adventure.

Off they went ~ Tiffany leading the pack, (er, driving, really) Miss Aubrey and the invincible Mr. Israel.

What an opportunity stood before the parentage! What better time to head to the theatre than now . . .what better movie to see than The Nativity.

Arriving home to a bustle and flurry of activity, wrapping paper and bows sprinkled across the living room floor, I cannot help but ponder:

What Gifts have been bestowed under the Christmas tree this year; what Gifts have been imparted to the heart?

The King of Kings arrived on the world scene as no other.

Found as it were in the 'dollar store' of Bethlehem, the Pearl of Great Price.

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