Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ingestion by Suggestion?

I've just risen from a comfy spot on the couch.

It was there that I found myself browsing through a Better Homes and Gardens mag that had arrived last week, whilst awaiting Gil's arrival home from a late night at work.

The cover was fresh, and pretty, and inviting. Spring was in the air as I plucked it off the coffee table and into my lap.

Page after page I turned . . .

Dismay began to settle over me.

What on earth is up with all the pharmecutical ads?

It didn't used to be so.

I cancelled my Reader's Digest subscription years ago because of it.

The power of suggestion is just too great for the medical field.

Now, here is the same concept, littering my BHG.


I took note of not one, not two, not even three . . .but a multitude of ambien advertisements.

I've supported my friends who've taken it. Those who have worked through life issues in healthy ways, coming out on the other side. I thought of one dear friend as I read a disclaimer on yet another ambien page: the oldest of the hypnotic drugs.

Well now THAT's a statement for ya. I wondered to myself if she'd ever heard it described like that before . . .

and then ~

the next thing you know ~

I'm waking up on the couch, wondering how long I've been asleep.

Gee. Hypnotized by the power of suggestion.

Ingestion by suggestion??

I guess.


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