Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Armchairs, Apartments, and Arabia

It has been a full few days ~ I'm catching my breath even now!

But a significant series of events has my attention.

1. Sunday's fellowship was at Doug's place. We had a great time! It was there, in his armchair that a day of intense community took place. Doug prepared a ROCKIN' roast, and our conversation covered hill and dale of topics galore.

2. It was here at Doug's place that I requested prayer for Tiffany. She's in need of an apartment. Doug clued me in to a potential property, and Tiff and I have been working on that lead.

3. And then Doug showed the documentary. It has captivated me. It has moved me. It has impressed me. I've read the accompanying book. I'm convinced.

Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

Hmmm . . .the Bible tells me so . . .

I suggest you see and read for yourself.

Enjoy! :)

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