Friday, March 02, 2007

Parlez Vous Francais?

So, since I'm married to a Cajun, she thought I should teach the French class.

Renee, that is. Our Homeschool Co-op Teacher, who managed to take a much needed getaway cruise with her honey. Have you met Renee yet? Hmmm . . .here she is with Susan. Renee is the brunette:

Yeah, she up and left me in a linguistical quandry.

You see, I can neither verify nor deny that my French is grammatically correct. Or even pronounced right.

But I do REALLY love BabelFish.

So, I taught the kids how to use BabelFish.

Oh, and how to say CROUPION.

Just like Gil does.

I don't know if Renee will ever let me teach French again. She may feel I have corrupted the classroom.

Well, if she doesn't, I'll simply respond, "Ah, Croupion!" and move on.

What?! You don't know what croupion means?

Oh! Well let me instruct you:


Croupion means . . .




Chicken Butt! :)

(See what I mean?) LOLOL


Sunshyne said...


Should I let my kids stand outside and yell "Croupion!" when the old lady, who invaded my bedroom door, passes down the street?

Maybe she's French. Hmm... French and mentally-challenged... in need of drinks and stamps...

Perhaps I'll not teach that to my kids afterall.

*wanders away snickering at her new vocabulary word*

Jodi said...

Yes, I too am grateful that I have a new word!
I love this blog!!!

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