Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vista Visa

I'm not one for tons of vista pictures. Don't get me wrong - I love looking out across the horizon and viewing God's grandeur in front of me. It's just that, for the most part, photos that include human be'ns and/or an item of intricate visual draw tops my list of faves first.

Not only that, but I think human nature has a tendency to take the nature shot over the human be'n shot because human be'ns in front of a camera, for the most part, are quirky. Why, I don't know . . .but one look at Aunt Matilde from yesteryear, and you can verify that people jes' don't act right in front of a lens.
Need I say more?
Anyway, yesterday evening as we headed home in LA rush hour traffic (which I handled like an expert, I might add. Even traversing the Indy-500-Car-Pool-Lane like I've been doing it all my life!), and pulled off the freeway to take the 'back way' into our cosy little city dweller abode, I just *had* to pull over, and get out my camera.
I'd never noticed before, the crisp edge of the mountain ridge that surrounds us on that side. The sun was reflecting off of it just so, and it. was. breathtaking.
At that same moment, I realized, I've been selfish. In my manner of avoiding vistas, I've left you, my Chooser readership, bereft of any sort of visual respite from your dull and boring, redundant days. Knowing that a host of you live vicariously through me, through the adventures my family continually find ourselves on . . .well, consider me repentant.
Consider this an apology for my errant ways.
I didn't mean to leave you in the dust.
So, please, allow me.
Before I begin, you might want to refresh your coffee cup. Get comfy. Turn on some mood music. You know, the kind with birds chirping in the background, and a waterfall foaming in the distance.
Or, maybe, since this is arid California terrain, maybe the sound of the wind blowing sand across the mesa, and said such sand smacking against the side of your car . . .***
Oh, wait. That spoils it. Forget the sand imagery. Back to the birds and waterfalls . . .
[Ahem] Are you ready? Coffee? Deep Breath?
Ok, Choosers! Here ya go: Your own personal visa for a mini-vacation at your fingertips!!

{breathing deeply}

There. Don'tcha just feel better already?

Here to serve, my Chooser friends . . .I'm here to serve.



Kim & Dave said...

Love the pics, Angi! Reminds me of my fair city!

Beth said...

Mountains! We love the Mountains!

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