Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gloom and Dell-spair

He's a happy dog.



But you see, his little dog-world has been greatly impacted. His place in the people-pack severely challenged.

He just wants to know WHERE he belongs . . .

So, he daydreams of days gone by, when the little 'pink puppy' was nowhere to be found. Gee, even after the baby arrived, at least Gram was here, to give Dell top billing. After all, he's so adorable, who or what could possibly take his place??

Dell-irious for attention.
Dell-termined to not be forgotten.

Not to worry, my little fur-baby. You'll be around for many years to come. You'll chase baseballs and ride in the car with glee once again.

And maybe, just maybe, if you're fortunate enough, the L'il Tyke Keller will drop his ice cream on the floor.

Ah. Won't THAT be the day??

Indeed! :)

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