Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today, From LA . . .

Is it Wednesday already? The week is flying by as my guys manuever new dimensions in thought. Ideas, scripts, rehearsals, cold reads. All part and parcel for the day. - Not without a hearty breakfast, however:

Seems the local IHOP was a greasy joint, not suitable for consumption. Another eatery had to be found. Found it was, in a hole in the wall, on a street corner which Israel journeyed to on his own accord this morning.

Yes, his mother, on this rare occasion, fainted upon hearing this news. (Well, no, I didn't really faint ~ but I felt like it.)

Being the sturdy father he is, Gil knew what he was doing, and fell just a few steps behind the lad - only to discover his sons' winsome ways had completely and totally won over the hearts of the staff of the joint.

Is it a picture of days to come? Or the reality of raising a friendly boy? Either way, their adventure continues to be filled with moments of experiential education that I have yet to fully fathom.

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