Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The LA landscape has become the backdrop of a new experience for my son; a return to a lifestyle that had been left behind for my husband.

Ironic it is, then, that my adamant 'never want to go to California' statements through the years may be turned on their head, if indeed we choose to explore this option of lifepath for Israel even further.

Yesterday's agent meetups went very well. Today another; and administrative action needed on my part here in Mississippi. Needling through the maze, we take every step with our ears and eyes upon the One who sets the boundaries of our habitation. The One who imparts wisdom without faulting the person who asks Him for it. The One who says: "Seek My Kingdom first . . ."

Yes, Lord. And may we be vessels of honor in Your hand in this matter.


Beth said...

How very exciting for your boy! I can't wait to hear the stories of his adventures.

Hadias said...

You guys must really be excited. I am enjoying the adventure. Keep on posting.

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