Monday, March 10, 2008

Hollywood Happenings: The Trip

Destination Hollywood for Israel this week! After submitting photos, dvd's, and rehearsing monologues, he is finally ready to present in front of several agents. So far, five auditions are scheduled, imbedded in a week of LA activity. [Fr those just joining us here at ChoiceCentral, the story can be traced through the imbedded tag below: The Adventure]

As my guys were leaving, I had to be impressed with Gil's relaxed travel stance, which, for probably the first time in our married lives, mirrored mine. Instead of vigilantly leaving four hours ahead of schedule, he left at three. At that moment, he stepped into the realm of faith ~ when, unbeknownst to him or mapquest, the interstate bridge was closed for construction. A major detour had to be taken, which would most likely result in a missed flight.

Enter the Lord, however ~ as faith results in the expected end. And a lesson.

Gil related a story to our fellowship, via speakerphone, about faith:

There was a fisherman who was attempting to express the concept of faith to a landlubber. He stated eloquently in his fisherman's brouge:

"There comes a time after you push offshore that you can no longer see the land that you left . . .and when you gaze forward, you cannot see the land that you expect to anchor at. That, my land-locked friend, is when faith is excercised: the knowledge that even though one cannot see the destination, the destination is ahead."


The detour took my guys across a 24.5 mile bridge over Lake Ponchatrain ~ and into a vivid knowlege that the faith journey to Los Angeles was indeed very very real.

The V-Log:


Joyce said...

Did Israel really need to tell me there were big waves out there? :)

I told JP about the 24.5 mile bridge. His jaw dropped! "There is such a thing?"

Happy trails ~

Nancy said...

Yes, there is such a thing! I remember when there was only one bridge, with one lane going north and one going south. It's much better now with two bridges.

My dad used to cross it every day to go to work.

It's where dh proposed to me!

Joyce has to come back and visit so she can see Lake Pontchartrain!

OK, now I'm homesick!

Dawn said...

Amazing job, Gil, driving and video... just as I thought you are indeed talented.

Dawn said...

Amazing job, Gil, driving and video... just as I thought you are indeed talented.

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