Friday, March 07, 2008

{sliding in to home base} Whew! Have Ya Missed Me??!?!?

When I noted "sporadic posts" approximately 10 days ago, I did not DREAM that I'd be this lax in bringing a fresh ChoiceCentral update to the blogosphere!

I wish I had time at this moment to begin immediately posting about all the wonderful people that have surrounded me the past two weeks, but, alas . . .I'm off yet again on a valiant ride of fun and fancy with my love ~ the ever-prudent GilGuy! ")

Therefore, I'll post *WINNERS* from last weekends' drawing here, and plan on being back for regular posts on Monday, March 10. How's that for a plan, eh? ") There's much in store: adventures galore; guest posts from Los Angeles, California; a new edition of Konversation Korner and more!! Stay tuned ~

{drum roll please} for Mary Grace, who has been drawn for the latest, brand new-est Andrew Eastmond cd, Heaven Bound! Andrew had just recorded this album a few weeks ago when we saw him in person:

and ~ Angie, who has been drawn for the latest fab-o read: New Life For Women, by Daisy Washburn Osborn!
Please take a moment to email your physical address to JaJireh at my addy, and your happie will be on it's way to you! YIPPEE! :)


Jodi said...

I am just happy to see your radiant face again! I have missed you and your reads. Luv you much!!! Jodi

Doug said...

shes been quite a whirlwind lately, however, all I know is that she best be havin my cafe du monde coffee cups..:)

Doug said...

well, whirlwind that she is, she faithfully delivered the goods,the goods being my Cafe Du Monde coffee cups...4 for the price of two plus tax!

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