Saturday, March 01, 2008

March In Like A Lion . . .

and out as a Lamb.

Familiar phrase? I remember well creating bulletin boards, with this monthly saying on them, for the small country elementary school I attended as a youth .

It was the place where the love of reading was further cemented in me, as the Book Mobile would drive up every other week, and the classes would file out to check out a new swath of reading material. I found it grand and lucious, and the books filled with wonderous things.

Just as I do today.

You know what today is, yes? It is our monthly ChoiceCentral giveaway. ") I've company in my midst, so I'll not fancy this post up with my usual pictoral fare. Here is your challenge to be put in the drawing for an awesome music cd and a terriffic book. (You'll love 'em, I promise! I'll be back later today to give a description of each . . .)

Describe a vivid happie detail about your elementary school experience in the comments section of today's post.

The winner(s) will be posted tomorrow morning! ")


Doug said...

What else but "Show and Tell"? Show and tell was the greatest. If I told my show and tell story Id be a shoe-in to victory, however, I wont be entering this contest because I want to see the prizes go else where...:)

Anonymous said...

In the third grade I learned all the planets and how to multiply but my favorite was when we made puppets and I loved my was the first thing I wielded with my own two hands, noone found him as grand as I did but I thought he was great...hard to make and truly rewarding...I wonder where that guy is??

Joyce said...

One happy memory was in 3rd grade. I loved Mrs. Denbow in 3rd grade. :D

We were to put together a poem book. One requirement was it had to have a specific number of poems.

I was in the kitchen as Mom was preparing supper and told her I needed one more! She wrote this off the top of her head:

There once was a girl named Joyce
Who usually had her choice,
Of what to wear
And what to eat
And what to put upon her feet.

Now in all honesty, we ate what was put before us and I probably only had a pair of shoes for church and one for all the rest of life but... my mom wrote it for ME and I still remember it! :D

I was extra happy to include drawings with some of the poems AND to make a cover for my poem book. :D Wallpaper cover with a fuzzy velvet wallpaper choice. (I still have the book.)

Just sharing my story... but will bow out of the contest for others to have a turn. ;)

Wow! Soon!!

Beth said...

Am I too late to play?

My favorite memory from Elementary school is from 6th grade. My mom let me join the "band". This was an experiment for me. We joined the band and learned to play our instrument of "choice". But the band teacher started at the beginning of the alphabet and by the time he got to "T" there weren't too many "choice" instruments left. So I was given a trumpet to learn to play. I didn't mind too much...but it wasn't a flute or clarinet!

I learned to play trumpet and played for the next 7 years! It was great to do my best and win "first chair" from the snotty boys who didn't think a girl was good enough!

marygrace :-) said...

My favorite memory is the day in second grade when my mother let me bring my newborn baby brother in for show and tell. I had been an only child for 7 years, and I was *so* proud of that baby!

By the way, I tagged you on my blog. And there's a contest, too. So ... check it out! :-)

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