Monday, May 12, 2008

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous, Episode 2

Driving through Beverly Hills brought to light living arrangements, yes. Yet I was unprepared for the reality of what kind of wheels we'd discover up in them thar hills!

I lost count as to how many BMW's and 'Benz we saw.

I saw cars I'd never seen before.

I saw cars with names I couldn't pronounce.

I saw cars without lids.

Case in point:

This hot model of a vehicle sat in front of us at the exit of Beverly Hills onto Sunset Strip. The light was so long, that at some point, the photographer in me realized, "Oh! I should take a picture of this hot car!"

Yeah. I'm a sharp one. Like a tack! So I did.

I wasn't quite convinced that my angle was the best, so I decided to continue taking shots, hoping to catch the side view:

Hmmm. Didn't work quite the way I planned it.

Ah well. On more shot for good measure! We're coming up on another light, so this should be a nice clear pic!

Finally satisfied, I put the camera down in my lap.

The light, again, was interminably long. Then, I noticed that the guy in the rear view mirror (see him there? with the shades?) was talking to the gal in the back seat. At this point, she began to crane her neck around to peer at us, but she was trying to be discreet about it.

Perceptive as I am, I didn't buy it. I knew she was scoping us out ~ I just couldn't figure out why.

Over and over again, she'd take quick, peering looks at us. That was when Gil said, "Hey! That's Linsey Lohan!"

I tarnished the thought. "Nah. " and embarked on a dissertation of my own making as to why the media finds her [Linsey Lohan] so terribly important? (Which gives the reader an understanding of just *how* out of the entertainment loop I really am). All the while, my mental gears were turning: "Oh. Whoever she is, she thinks were paprazzi. They don't like it. Is there a legal ordinance againsts shootoing photos of complete stranger whilst they toodle about town in convertables?" and so on.

Finally, the light turned green, and the cutie in the back seat was wisked away, never to be seen by my camera lens again.

I may never know if it was Lindsey or not, but I'm no longer so opposed to the idea that it might have been her. That is, after I had opportunity to read the "Stars Map" that we had purchased from the street vendor. You see, the Hills are loaded with . . .well, folks who are loaded, and quite frankly, many of them are stars. ")

But what is a star, anyway? An individual, a person that someone else cares about. The media may portray these folks in a fashion of vanity, yet someone, somewhere, loved that person from a babe, and raised them up, instructing them in the ways of life.

That being said, we DID see another star, tooling about the mountainside that afternoon. In a car quite simple by design, yet very unique in it's external outcroppings.

I'm sure you'll see what I mean:

Hey! Somebody call the paparazzi! There's a STAR to be seen! As a matter of fact, this star was also seen eating at Jenkies with another VIP:

Yeah. I've got stars in my eyes . . .

*dreamy sigh*

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Joyce said...

I like the star in the last 3 pix the best!!

Bet he misses Dad! :hug:

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