Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where's The Beverly Hillbilly's Theme Song When Ya Need It??

We might not*quite* fit the mold of a hillbilly, but after living in Mississippi for fifteen years, I suppose we can say we come awfully close. Therefore, you will understand our suprise, shock and awe of the hand of God as the events of yesterday unfolded.

Israel was on task for a commercial audition late afternoon, and we had driven up to the building spot on time. [Polishing my fingernails on my shirt for that one, Choosers! LA traffic! Ha! Nothing to it! LOLOL] [Oh, wait. Mustn't lean on my two week old confidence just yet. I've yet to navigate such things as a snarly accident. *sigh*]

Our entrance into the building, complete with wall to wall people covering the facility in like manner unto an ant pile that's just been stepped on, revealed a very simple format. Bench style seating against the windows, sign in stations at all SEVEN auditioning rooms. A large digitalized screen informed us where we were to go.

There was only one difficulty: the screen was wrong.

Oh, make that two difficulties: Israel's name wasn't on the list.


A quick phone call, and a big guy barking new directives on the proper audition rooms fixed both of those nicely. Soon, we settled in to await his cue.

It was at this juncture that an old tune began to play out in front of us. Aubrey turned a corner and headed south. Since I had given very clear behavioral instructions prior to entering the building, I determined that a quick verbal redirect would fix the problem . . .I was wrong, and Aubrey was dismissed to the outside portico. She exited with a huff, but very quickly we all regained our composure and settled again.

Now I was able to take in my surroundings. The room literally buzzed with folks of all ages. To keep the peace, approximately seven police officers stood in the corner, reading over paperwork, or watching the room as well. Er ~ no, wait . . .those aren't really police officers . . .but they want to play one on tv!! Ok. I get it! ")

The woman I'd seen looking for her audition room drew near unto us. She boldly began cooing and talking to me about the baby, snug in his wrap around my shoulders. I wasn't suprised by her attention, since I'd overheard several people comment on Keller's comfort level/cuteness/cordiality. (Of which, in case you were wondering, I fully agree.)

I WAS suprised when she shifted her stance, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Would you mind bringing your baby for a callback?"

[This is where, in true stereotypical redneck speak one says loudly: "WHUYET?" !!!]

I *think* I held my composure as I said "Sure!" I was given instructions on where to go, which we did after Israel auditioned.

Heading down the staircase, we picked up Eyeore . . .umm, I mean Aubrey, and Israel excitedly informed her of Keller's impending project.

Aubrey froze.

She dug her heels in the ground.

Tears welled up and spilled out onto her cheeks.

I kept moving.

Israel scooted closer to me to make an appeal on her behalf. I spoke briskly, to the issue at hand. "Aubrey has been counseled several times about making the most of opportunities . . .and to always be prepard even if it seems no opportunity exists. Perhaps she'll once again take up an attitute of thankfulness and portray that when we enter these situations."

Neither child spoke.

We opened the door to a new building and found our bearings.

Sure enough, here was the place ~ and they were looking for babies. Within a short amount of time, Keller was photographed, and paraded in front of several executive-type folks sitting in dark shadows at the back of the room, behind the camera and photographic equipment.

When asked to sit on the floor, L'il Man amazingly put on the charm (that, of course, after he made an attempt for the errant, left over, crunched up cookie on the floor beside him. After all, a kid's gotta have some priorities! LOL). And just like that, it was over as soon as it began.

The fam and I headed for our car, in a state of giddiness that we'd traversed a milestone of sorts . . .once again full of adventure and fun. What will come of either audition? That we lay in the hands of the Lord.

A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Meanwhile, where are those shades?

I think Keller needs 'em . . .

**And for those of you with heart wrenched over Aubrey's continued run in with the lesson of our very persistent Lord, please be advised: Note was well taken in the end, and she returned to her chirpie self, ready to tackle a new day. Has she learned her lesson? That remains to be seen. I wonder what circumstance the Lord will formulate next on her behalf . . .?

Such is the exciting life of those who follow Him. Never a dull moment!


Nancy said...

And do you have head shots and a resume for Keller? ;)

Oh Joy! said...


How exciting!!! :)

Kim & Dave said...

That is so cool!!!

Beth said...

Very exciting!

Joyce said...

All day... I'm just stunned!

But OTOH... look at him!! He is captivating to all!

Do you just find this adventure or is it like a magnet that just attaches to you? ;) My head can't spin too much... so take it easy every once in a while, K? LOL

The auditions don't take too long? Or is waiting the hardest part?

dawn said...


Jan said...

What a day! WOW. Congrats to Keller on his debut. Break a Leg to Isreal and Hugs to Aubrey -- her day will come!

Charlotte in Mn said...

I can see how God could use this to make a beautiful thing out of Aubrey's life. Hard lessons to learn at her age, but what a refined jewel she will be.

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