Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Live Life Gil-Tastic!

Alright, alright . . .enough talk of all my friends. For now.

Today I want to return to one of my favorite subjects: My GilGuy. Otherwise known as McGILver.

Here is his picture:

Gil is usually underestimated by most. Beneath that calm exterior lives a brain of genius quality, and the ability to accomplish amazing feats of greatness in a single bound. Really.

Take yesterday for instance.

Not only did he manage to put in a full day's work, he also made sure that I was fully aware of his support for me in my business, as he strode into my meeting with a bravado that only he can muster. Briskly walking up the center aisle, he swept me into a tight embrace, whispered in my ear that pizza would be waiting for me when I got home. Grinning, he turned to go, while I stood watching and melting into a puddle on the spot.

While I finished my task, he deftly ministered to a friend, and the children of both families, and returned home just prior to my arrival.

I walked into the house, greeted by a cup of hot green tea, fresh brussel sprouts in butter, and three pieces of pepperoni, black olive, and green pepper thin crust Pizza Hut pizza.
Ooh Joy! What bliss! :) I gobbled up the nutrients like I'd never see tomorrow.

And that's not all.

A storm came through last night.

And McGILver's most recent invention was put to the test.

The winds blew, but the house was quiet, as no siding dared move from it's appointed place against the furious gusts.

Ah. Sleeping in peace. All because of McGILver. My GilGuy.

And that's not all!

My earliest recollection this morning, as the light began to pour through the window, was that of his powerful voice, lifting up prayer unto the Most High in the next room.

He is amazing, this Gil-Tastic individual that God has given me. My heart is overjoyed to know that he is my ForeverFriend, my lover, my spouse.

He might hide away, behind the scenes, prefering to go unnoticed in the crowd. His servant-heart brings him to the forefront anyway. Humble, Courageous, Committed. That's my GilGuy. He is truly Gil-Tastic.

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Mamadala said...

Sweet. It's good to love your man. :)

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