Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If I Had Another Husband . . .

If I had another husband
life would certainly be
and boring
and twiddle-de-dum
'cuz my husband
is fantastic! He is full of fun!

His verbose ways complete me
His humor never ends
And if it does he's sleeping ~
(the dawn-bird at days' end!)

If I had another husband
the children would be at lack
no structure
no lecture
and no playmate
'cuz my husband
is amazing! He keeps my back!

His parental skills exceed him
although he would never say ~
Modesty proceeds him
in a most unusual way.

If I had another husband
my heart would be empty
of love
and of life
and of sweet nothings
'cuz my husband
is a romantic! He keeps our love zany!

He thinks of everything
and then some
No detail escapes his watchful eye,
It's a rare moment indeed,
when his chivalrous acts do not make me cry.

So, if I had another husband
I suppose I would have to try
to see if I could exchange him
for this superior model ~
this incredible Gil guy. :)

1 comment:

Karen H said...

AWESOME - simply awesome..... And though I've only been around him a few times (okay, a week and a few times!) you've certainly captured him well (in the poem as well as in life!)

This was a delight to read.... I'm so happy for you both - keep those creative juices flowing - :-)

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