Thursday, April 13, 2006

Reindeer Dog . . .

Ok ~ it was just too wierd.

I looked out the livingroom window ~ an amazing sight stood before me: a small deer, a doe, who was grazing in the morning light, nibbling on the dewey, tender grass. I was so suprised to see her so close to the house, that I reached my hand through the window, in an attempt to draw her near. She lifted her muzzle gently, but did not budge.

I then called to the children to please bring me some peanuts. A full handful was tossed to her, and then another . . .she really seemed to enjoy them! Her defenses down, the doe continued to come closer and closer to the house, until she pressed her nose against the siding, and entered my home?!?!

Without care or concern, she began investigating everything. The closer I looked at her, the more I realized that she wasn't a deer at all . . .no, she was a DOG with a set of toy antlers strapped to her head! What the heck?

She followed the children dutifully, and played lovingly with them. Assured of her friendliness, I dismissed myself from the room.

Then it happened. Pseudo Deer got her jaws on my only tube of CopperMine Lipstick (you know, the one that Dede asked me for yesterday ~ ) and proceeded to mash the contents of said tube all over the ottoman . . .

AAAGGGHHH!!! As I stood peeling this concoction off (which had now turned to an unusual plastic substance) I then heard water running in the distance . . .now what?!

My eyes fluttered open. The sunlight poured in. I heard Gil in the shower.

Oh. It was only a dream.

Whew! :)

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Karen H said...

LOLOLOLOL! Thanks for the laugh -

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