Thursday, May 18, 2006

The New Health Food

Can you believe it?

I love it!

In an era when the media portrays the American diet as lacking, especially where children are concerned, my kids have been raised to love veggies. All kinds. Broccoli, Beets, Brussel Sprouts . . .


Case in point:

Just yesterday I arrived home from an afternoon outing . . .a bit hungry even. I was hungry for: Brussel Sprouts!

As I entered the kitchen, I spied a cooking pot on the stove.

Curious, I lifted the lid.


Aubrey had cooked some up for a MID-DAY SNACK!

And ~ there were leftovers! YUM!

Plenty of anti-oxidants in our family! LOLOL


Brandon said...

As a fellow veggie lover, excluding brussel sprouts and collie flower. Thats great! I am on the south beach now, It is just simply amazing how eating healthier and making smart food choices really effects you in all things.

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