Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today's Tea:

As I pour the piping hot water over my tea bag, I smile to myself and realize: I've mindlessly chosen my tea today. How odd. Tea is a big event at my house ~ we all drink it, enjoy it, are nurtured by it.

Yet, my life post-Katrina with my dear friend D created a tea drinking routine that always began with "What kind of tea do you want?" This question was then proceeded by a laborious ponder over which delectable brew was best suited to the moment. "Constant Comment? Jasmine? Green Tea? How about Lemon?"

Since returning to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after months at D's house, tea time has not been the same. Prior to the storm, one or two selections were available at any moment. Post-storm, the collection has grown by leaps and bounds!

So, how odd that today, as the drizzle outside creates a need to be soothed, that I would select without thought . . .

Hmmm. Or was that thought indeed ~ subconscious, yet purposed and direct . . .Tea drinking, acutely aware of the miles that now separate the best of friends.


lagail said...

I know that you did not come to virginia and did not give me a call???? I wondered how you were and the condition of the churce. Glad to see another homeschooler. Grateful that you remain happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

2256 PM Sunday February 19 2006

Angi: THIS is fab! I had never visited ANY blog before tonite! I can't believe the clarity of the pics...and the pristine beauty of your running dialog.....I wonder if Gil would have had the heart to attack the crock pot had it blown its top! Love you Creative One!
Always...your Pah-Pah

susan said...

Sweet site Ang. Had no idea you were out of town that long. Sounds like it was a perfect location to "home school."

Miss You all,

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