Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Gil of My Dreams

He brings me coffee, he makes my tea; this distinguished gentleman of mine.

I recall the days of dreaming about him, before he appeared on my scene. And it really is true: The gifts that God gives in response to our request are always more than we could ask or think! I have truly been gifted with Gil.

Who would have ever known that this man who took up the mantle of husbandry and fatherhood for the widow and the fatherless would impart such incredible wisdom and stability and support into our lives.

I watch him from across the room as he interacts with the children he has adopted, and I stand amazed at his fatherly compassion and strength.

I view him in a public role and see that he is a man of integrity in the marketplace; behind the scenes, a diligent workman worthy of his hire.

This man who regards me and calls me the 'Girl of My Dreams' is undaunted by a task requiring physical labor or architectural dexterity ~ and still finds ways to create romantic moments or getaways for just the two of us.

Yes, this is the man the Lord has blessed me with. This is the man who brings me coffee, and makes my tea.

Oh, how I love you, Gil.

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