Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lap Dogs, Lap Books, and "LapStick"

There. It's done. I finally did it! My desk is clean! My office is tidy!

{{{Patting myself on the back}} I can now return to my regularly scheduled life!

The week has been full, my hands and heart have been full, my plate has been full.

The tornadic condition of my desk only served to add a type of angst to the accomplishment of the multiple time-sensitive tasks I had on the calendar.

But no more.

I have conquered the savage beast and brought it under my control.

I am woman.

Now, I can indulge myself.

Let me browse next week's schedule. How many lipsticks shall I move from my shelf?

Where was that link that Gwyn told me about? Those lapbooks sure do look like a fun educational tool . . .

Let me dream, and read, and contemplate the addition of a family pet .

Yes, it is my time now.

Wide Open and Guilt Free!



Excuse me. Can someone push the pause button, please?

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