Sunday, February 11, 2007

And Then There's Maude . . .er, I mean, Jason!

Ok. While I'm making introductions, please allow me to introduce you to another friend of mine: Jason Hall.

Those of you who hang out here regularly have probably taken a tour around the world with Jas, as he ministers globally with the Book of Hope. Just in case you haven't, here's a picture of Jason and one of his global companions:

I met Jason years ago while I was working in the office of a local church, and he made quite an impression on me. He's an impressionable guy.

To know Jason is to know that God is indeed a God of wonders, faith and forward-motion, always, always Kingdom Purpose minded.

Several months ago, whilst Travelin' Man was in some country far, far away, the Lord gave me a series of dreams, warning me of impending danger surrounding Jason's trip. My response? Pray. Take a look at this pic, and you will see that the Lord indeed protected Jason and his charges:

(You can read his account on his ExtremeBlog! November 20, 2006 entry.)

The Lord's protection was so evident, so apparent, and it was very exciting to have had a role in that safety in the arena of prayer.

Well, the Lord shared something else with me during that season.

An item of mention that I did not share with anyone but my husband.

Jason would soon be getting married.

{double take}



I heard it from the horses mouth.

The King O' Kings had spoken.


I pondered the thought many times over the ensuing months, and waited for word.

Indeed, word has come:

Jason is getting MARRIED!

Can it be? Oh yes. It can be . . .and all of heaven rejoices.

Congratulations, Jason! Congratulations, Autumn!

Here is a picture of his lovely bride:

May the Lord richly bless your union, and take you around the world in greater demonstration of His spirit and power as you proclaim the Good News!

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