Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

The telltale signs that the holidays are approaching have encroached upon Americans everywhere. Yet I daresay none of those holiday fanfares will compare to the holiday that *we* are about to embark upon!

Yes, Choosers, we are about to relish a Holiday Hollywood Hiatus!

We'll be turning in our casting calls and scrolled through scripts for some warm, yummy, flavorful family meals coupled with laughter and largeness of heart.

The Cement Jungle will be replaced with gravel roads and easy driving.

Dell the newly minted CityDog will once again roam the road that encircles the lake, and dive into the tall grass with fevor. The nearby grove of wooded glen will encompass his stubby wagging tail will invite him for a sniff-fest stroll.

I suppose nothing - NOTHING - will compare to this:

Or moments like this:

Or even this:

I can feel the newest episodes of Konversation Korner brewing from afar.

I can hear my KeetBeet giggle and laugh; his Momma talking to him in that 'baby voice' that only she can.

I can smooth my daughter's hair and tell her all is well.

I can ride Zeke once again, sharing quiet moments with my oldest daughter.

I can make Gil get up with Keller, thereby freeing myself to sleep in for the first time in months!

Ah yes . . .soon our world will expand.

Or, would that be contract?

I think I hear the heartbeat of family ~ just around the corner.


~ Denise ~ said...

enjoy the anticipation...let your heart build and swell with thoughts of reunion. so sweet, my friend! ;) I hope the time in ca goes by quickly - oh, I know, close your eyes, click your heels a couple of times and squeal, "I want to be in Mississippi. I want to be in Mississippi." lol

...just be sure to hold onto the kids before closing your eyes to ensure that they travel with you. ;)

Joyce said...

Yippee!! Safe travels dear ones. (((hug)))

Beth said... are coming HOME!

I hope your time in CA passes quickly so you can hold your dear one's in your arms soon.

Dawn Sodini said...

Enjoy every moment! And don't hesitate to ask if you need me to do anything! You'll be here before you know it!

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