Thursday, October 30, 2008


It was nothing short of a homestyle blend of Hawaii 5-o meets CHIPS with a little CSI tossed in for good measure.

Seems I couldn't return home yesterday evening. Police were crawling all over the apartment complex . . .no, let's restate that more precisely: all over *my* apartment bulding.

Well, no . . .let's not exaggerate now . . .the apartment building right next to mine.

It's true.

I counted no less than 12 police cruisers, and spoke directly with two police officers, one of whom was only willing to allow me to return to my apartment, and not leave again.

Well . . .

"Officer, I'm on a time constraint window. If I do not do 'abc', then 'xyz' will be an impossiblity. May I go in, and leave again, please? Five minutes?"

Permission miraculously granted.

I missed all the fun of weapons and tear gas and "Put 'em up!"

But somehow, I don't mind.

Chalk up another inner city moment to The Adventure.


Dawn Sodini said...

Glad you all are safe!

~ Denise ~ said...

what? no antics with Johnny Law? sheesh...I'm disappointed. lol

LeAnne said...

i mean, i expect more from you sister!

hah, love your stories :)

Joyce said...

There she goes... sweet talking the police officer. ;)

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