Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frontier Days

Horseback riding has a unique twist in the Mississippi sweltering heat and humidity. One major difference is that jeans tend to stick to tacky skin. This factoid only served to compound my comedic attempt at making it into the saddle successfully, since, evidently, I'm not *quite* as limber as I once was.

Unique twist Number Two? My daughter, not me, is the horseowner. That in and of itself makes me stand in awe.

For the record, I DID make it into the saddle. (Just give me a few days, will ya? I'll stretch back out in no time!!) And we had a very enjoyable evening of riding Zeke and Ginger.

My enjoyment began the moment I slipped on my cowboy boots. An action I've not had the pleasure of enough, here in Mississippi. I thought I'd grab a toe self-portrait, in honor of the Queen of Toe Self-Portraiture, Pioneer Woman:

Then, it was head out to the pasture to round up them rugged steeds! this would be rugged steed Number One:

Zeke was in a bit of need of grooming. Comb-over, anyone??

Grooming commenced here:

And then, out to the arena for some get-to-know-your-horse action! Here is proof that I actually made it on board:

And here is one brief picture of artistic expression:

However nothing prepared me for watching my baby girl put her steed throough the paces. Here she is, in action:

Ah. It's a sight to behold. Warms my heart right to the very core.


Annette said...

Really, really breathtaking. Now that's worth an 18 hour ride home.

Joyce said...

Oh dearie, you look right at home in that saddle. What fun for you! (not me ;) )

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